Passionate, committed and possessing a flair for creativity, Nina goes by many aliases all of which an avid reflection of her exploits in the real estate market. It’s a tranche of proficiencies that stem from an unwavering commitment to excel working in synergy with life experiences that genuinely transcend the ordinary. Call her a dexterous sage on a quest for excellence, real-estate excellence, and you’d be more than correct.

Born and raised in Germany, Nina spent the later parts of her life sojourning through the world in what is best described as a self-unraveling journey towards perfection. She has lived in Paris, the British Virgin Islands, and Palm Beach amongst other places. As you would expect, with this impressive itinerary of places visited comes a unique blend of experiences that has so far availed her a privileged perspective into some of the world’s most intriguing cultures. Nina speaks three languages fluently, has an in-depth understanding of how the market operates in the world’s hottest and fastest growing real estate hubs and commands a remarkable degree of influence in these markets – all of which culminate in making her a valuable asset for clients with the need for an International edge.

But even this, in the context of prime real estate skills, pales in comparison to Nina’s communication and relationship savviness. Before establishing herself in the real market, Nina was first a life coach. And with that characterization comes the leverage to connect with people on a personal basis and also understand the motivation underlying their personal choices. In practice, this helps Nina develop a clearer mental picture of client needs and in extension sets her up to better fulfill that need.

For her, the client (and their needs) always come first. And that’s not a mere statement, flustered by the cookie cutter real estate service she’s received over the years and propelled by an unwavering commitment to rise above the mediocrity commonplace in today’s real estate market, Nina blends professionalism and service excellence with first-rate customer service interaction. She is a seasoned communicator with an astute eye for detail and an accomplished interpersonal relationship expert – the kind of person you’d bet on to take a couple from divorce negotiations to ‘we can still make this work.’ Add this to her proven ability to create valuable, sustainable and enviable relationships both client-side and market-side and it’s easy to see why a real estate journey piloted by Nina goes beyond the conventional.

By drawing from a fountain of experience founded from years of attending to the elites of modern day society, Nina provides a touch of that exquisite and highly sought after bespoke gest associated with the finer things of life. The result for her clients is a fluid, stress-free and genuinely captivating experience, one that delivers to practically every real estate need while ticking all the checkboxes of memorable.


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